President of COPTICOM

The dialogues it is an opportunity to rally and bring out surprising and fruitful alliances


Union Advisor - Environment and Just Transition Quebec Federation of Workers.

The Dialogues are a necessary exercise to reach the

GHG reduction targets set by countries that have ratified the Paris Agreement. 


Executive Director of the Climate Reality Project Canada

The dialogues represent an interactive space to increase Quebec citizen participation in international climate diplomacy, which is too often opaque and inaccessible, and to create a culture of transparency and accountability so that the commitments made therein are kept.


Public Affairs and Communications Manager at the David Suzuki Foundation 

The Dialogues  c' is an inclusive and intergenerational space where citizens of all

communities have the opportunity to constructively discuss the urgency of taking action to reverse the current climate trend.


Senior Campaigns Officer.

The Dialogues are an opportunity to show decision-makers that all voices must be at the table.

climate talks. It is the pooling of everyone's ideas that will allow us to live with dignity on a healthy planet.


Director of Domestic Policies Climate Action Network (CAN-Rac).

The Dialogues are a meeting place between civil society and decision-makers;

an inclusive gathering of diverse voices, calling for a world where warming is limited to 1.5°C; a resounding cry from the heart for a safer, fairer and happier future.


Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the School of Applied Politics

The Dialogues is a place of exchange open to all for an understanding

more in-depth analysis of climate issues, while demonstrating the growing concern of civil society with regard to global warming and its consequences.



The Dialogues is to mobilize in a positive and ambitious way members of

Quebec society through intergenerational dialogue.

The Coordinating Team


Research professional School of applied politics of the University of Sherbrooke


Community Engagement Officer for the Climate Reality Project Canada