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Poets for climate 

Poets for Climate is a collaborative project between Climate Dialogues and Climate Reality Project branches in the Philippines, Canada and Africa that aims to provide a platform for expressing the urgency of acting on the climate crisis, highlighting its consequences in different regions of the world and proposing solutions.


Inspired by Poets for Science , a collection of poetry and movement created in collaboration with poet and essayist Jane Hirshfield, which explores the connections between poetry and science, Poets for Climate brings together the words and perspectives of climate artists in the Philippines, Canada, and Africa to create pebble poems. Composed of just three or four lines, these poems capture the imagination of their leaders and help amplify the movement for climate action and justice around the world.   

Edition 2022 
Interdisciplinary and creative expression on the climate future


Six Montreal graffiti artists brought the street to life by creating live art. Inspired by poems from a global collaboration, their creations are an expression of the urgency to protect the climate and to imagine a sustainable world! 

Poets, poetesses, slammerthey, writeres of the gathered worldes  around co-creation workshops 



August 4 

Arbres du désert


& arid areas

August 11 

Côte de Normandie

Islands and coastal areas

August 18 

Paysage montagneux

Tundra and mountains

August 25 

réserve naturelle

  Fresh water

September 1st 


Joel De Villiers (aka Spaceman Dela) devoted himself to his art from an early age delivering what some call "cosmic poetry for the soul" and portraying his most human emotions and weirdest curiosities. through his music. Recognizing his unique writing abilities and gift for using words to tell stories, Joel uses his creative skills to promote healing and practice introspection, covering a wide range of topics in his field. Through his lyrics and songs, "Space Man" aims to bring listeners back down to earth and help create a more united and conscious collective by encouraging self-expression, vulnerability and self-awareness. . 

Charlene Winger Jones is a water walker, she walks for water.It is everyone's responsibility to take care of water.She walked in ceremonial form along the Bruce Trail, a 740 km walking trail used by her people since time immemorial for trade, at the rate of approximately 20 km a day and a 6 week commitment. She also participates in community events on the environment and water, asserting Indigenous rights, and serves on the Nawash Hereditary Council as head of the Jones family. She also enjoys making pottery and attends events organized by the Bagida'waad Alliance. She is   proud to be a 2019 Minneapolis-trained Climate Reality Ambassador, and she wants to create greater water awareness.


Hayley Sales is a Canadian-American singer-songwriter and actress, as well as a Climate Reality Ambassador. Sales' debut album, Sunseed, was released on June 19, 2007; the songs "Keep Drivin" and "What You Want" reached No. 11 on the Japan Hot 100 and No. 45 on the Canadian Hot 100, respectively. His second album, When the Bird Became a Book, was released on June 21, 2010, and includes duets with musicians G. Love and Donavon Frankenreiter. Sales has been a strong advocate for ocean conservation since the start of his career. While living in Florida, she gave numerous concerts to benefit The Sea Turtle Preservation. Most recently, she contributed to the Surfrider Foundation by collaborating with O'Neill Surf Company to create a charity T-shirt with all proceeds going to ocean conservation. In 2010, the song "Not In His Garden", featuring Donavon Frankenreiter, appeared on David Suzuki's "Playlist For the Planet". Among her other charitable activities, she participated in a documentary for the W Network (CAN), "Making Waves. 

Clémence Roy-Darisse is an author, actress and director. Eco-concerned, she incorporates her passion for the environment and social justice in the substance and form of her works. First trained to act, (Theater School of the Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe, Danielle Fichaud, Bachelor of Theater at the University of Ottawa) she took part in a few productions and approached directing. She obtained two creation residencies for her piece Profil, then two creation grants for her text Laurence. In 2021, she was author in residence at the Théâtre de l'île to write a play on eco-emotions. Finally, Clémence is currently working on a thesis on the role of theater in the face of the climate crisis.  Her thesis focuses on the role of theater in the face of the climate crisis. She is also a researcher affiliated with the research group on art and ecology of the Société québécoise d'études théâtrales.


Graffiti Artists·her·


Gallium was born in Tokyo and raised in France, and moved to Montreal in 2017. Trained as an illustrator, he works as a visual artist in the video game industry. In parallel, he expresses his fascination for the symbolic and mystical as a painter and street artist. He often paints on objects found in the street to give them a value and a new life. He draws his inspiration from ancient symbols, Thangka painting, Irezumi tattooing. Passionate about geometry, details and color contrasts, his style can be described as symbolic, surreal and psychedelic.


Tshoko illustrator based in Montreal. Lulled by fantasy novels, comic books and science fiction movies, she has always preferred strong and combative heroines. Today, she pays particular attention to highlighting people who are less, or poorly, represented in her illustrations. She believes that the female imagery of Western societies is undervalued and internalized. Her work is about reclaiming this "girl" culture. Everyone should have diverse representations to identify with.


Moule  is a multidisciplinary artist who has been living in Montreal for four years. Feminism, social justice, ecofeminism, gender and sexuality issues, her characters are communicators of socially important messages. Sometimes divine and fantastical, sometimes sweet and angry, her illustrations speak, cry, represent and fight for women and people oppressed by the patriarchal system. 


la barquette.PNG

La barquette is an emerging artist from Reunion Island. Her multiple artistic researches are mainly centered on the questions of gender, the relation to oneself/others, to plural feminisms as well as on her relation to the omnipresent nature since her most tender childhood. She tries, through her creations, to retranscribe graphically the bands of colors and joys which are essential for her to feel more at ease in her daily life. .

Louis Letters.PNG

Louis Letters  is passionate about typography and lettering. Known for his unique style that he has developed over the years, letters are present in most of his creations. 

Sam'19 is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist who has been living in Montreal for almost nine years. A sociologist by training, she expresses her social and political convictions through what she calls "little drafts". Each of her creations highlights her own emotions and aims to raise awareness and de-stigmatize subjects that are particularly close to her heart, such as mental health, feminism in all its forms, sexual emancipation of women, social inequalities and employment justice...


This initiative is our response to When is Now, a global and creative collaboration for urgent climate action supported by Agam Agenda, the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) and the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities.


When is Now brings together poems, visual art, murals and other forms of creative expression that reflect national and regional demands for climate action and people's lived experiences of climate action. to the climate crisis.

This initiative is made possible thanks to the support of the Fondation of Greater Montreal.

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